DemCampaignSites is the result of a partnership between two of the leading firms in online organizing, websites, fundraising and organizing strategies for progressive non-profits and digital campaigns:

Cornershop Creative is an award-winning online services company committed to listening carefully to our nonprofit, democratic candidates, and small business clients to help them achieve their goals online. We can help organizations of any size with online strategy, amazing design, website development, and CRM and API integrations.


Founded in 2010, PowerThru Consulting is an award-winning digital consulting firm for progressive non-profits, advocacy organizations & political campaigns, providing strategy and implementation to engage more people, raise more money for your cause, and help you win. We’ve won 3 Pollies and 4 Reeds to date for our digital work. We’re progressive organizers and campaign strategists with real-world experience building membership and activating people-power to serve the common good. We work with Democratic political campaigns around the country.

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