What type of campaigns do you work with?

All types — from local offices like city council, mayor, or dog catcher — to major offices like US Congress. The only requirement is that you be running as a Democrat.

What if I’m running as a Green or other 3rd Party Candidate? Or for a non-partisan race?

If you are running in a race where there will be a Democratic candidate in the general election we’re sorry but we won’t be able to work with your campaign. If the election is non-partisan please contact us at info@demcampaignsites.com with some information about your platform so we can determine if you qualify for a site.

Do I have to have filed campaign paperwork to set up my DemCampaignSite?

No, you can get started with your site before you file as long as you intend to file as a Democrat and you abide by campaign finance rules specifying when you are allowed to accept donations.

Will you register a website domain for me?

No, you must register your own domain before you set up your DemCampaignSite. But that is quick, easy and inexpensive to do at a domain registrar like namecheap.com, gandi.net or GoDaddy.com. We recommend you register at least a .com address but can also register .org and other variations of your name to avoid “spoof” sites being set up by your opponents.

What about accepting donations?

If you are in a locality they support, we highly recommend you set up an account with ActBlue to process your campaign donations. Campaign finance laws are complicated and vary from state to state and race to race, but ActBlue has already done the work necessary to make sure that your campaign donations will comply with the legal requirements for your race. They also have excellent reporting tools for you to track your donations and produce campaign reports. Finally, their donation processing charges are reasonable, and they are a trusted name for your donors.

If you use NGP VAN, Action Network or another donation processing system marketed to political campaigns for your donation pages you can create a simple link on your DemCampaignSite to “point” to that donation page.

If ActBlue is not available for your race and you don’t have another donation processing system you can set up a donation page using PayPal or Stripe, however you will have to acknowledge that you are taking responsibility to ensure your donation page is fully compliant with the campaign finance requirements for your race.

How about signups for my email list? Or a volunteer signup form?

We recommend that campaigns sign up for either NGP VAN or Action Network to manage their campaign email list. They are experts in the specific needs of political campaigns and provide excellent tools and support. If you have NGP VAN or Action Network, they have simple tools to embed an email signup or volunteer signup form on your DemCampaignSite.

If you decide not to use a campaign email tool like NGP VAN or Action Network, you can work with a general email platform like MailChimp or Constant Contact. There are built-in integrations on your DemCampaignSite to send email or volunteer signups into these systems.

Finally, if you don’t opt to use any of these systems you can manually export signups from your site into a .csv file and use your own email to contact people. However, we strongly discourage this option as managing an email list beyond a couple of hundred people with a personal email account quickly becomes highly unwieldy and you will run into email deliverability problems.

What else do I need to set up my site?

We recommend that when you sign up for your site that you either currently have or plan to get the following before you start publicizing your site:

  • A campaign logo (in .png or .jpg format of approximately 300px wide by 100px high).
  • One or more high quality photos of at least 2000px wide by 1000px high for your homepage and other pages on the site.
  • Content for your “About the Candidate” page.
  • A campaign Facebook and/or Twitter page. Make sure you’ve posted and tweeted a few items on your social media properties to show some activity to inspire your supporters to follow up.
  • A donation system like ActBlue and an email blast system like NGP VAN or Action Network (see FAQ above.)

Do you provide support if I run into problems with the site?

We provide written documentation to help you configure and manage your DemCampaignSite. Under our $499 Deluxe Package, we provide full support of the site hosting environment including all updates to your WordPress Theme and standard WordPress Plugins included with the site. If you would like ongoing support for site usage or general digital campaign management please contact us at info@demcampaignsites.com for information about our support packages.